WA 46 ı B 10 i. L. hybrid

  • With a 46 cm working width and a capacity of up to 6,000 m2 daily, this scrubber dryer with cylindrical brush technology proves itself in the most diverse settings. As a compact and versatile machine it can clean effectively in shops, showrooms, catering, industry, health care, hotels, swimming pools, at airports, on ferries, in gymnasiums or in schools.
  • The innovative hybrid technology enables combined battery and power supply operation allowing cleaning intervals of up to two and a half hours. The integrated OPTIMA® batteries ensure absolutely fl exible cleaning throughout the day. It’s possible to work for 90 minutes at a time followed by full charging in only 3 hours or for shorter operating times with shorter charging intervals.
  • For consistency of operation, the WA 46 ı K 10 can also be powered directly from mains electricity.
  • Due to their clever construction, both the hybrid and mains powered versions allow edge to edge cleaning in both forward and reverse cleaning and vacuuming right up to the wall, with easy access to confined areas such as beneath radiators.
  • With almost exactly 23 cm at the front end, this scrubber dryer is unmatched in its class for getting into hard to reach spaces.
  • Thanks to intelligent water flow conception, the floor is dampened before contact with the brush. In this way, the cleaning solution has a chance to start working before the floor is scrubbed with 1200 rotations per minute. Even studded and anti-slip coverings are cleaned thoroughly and evenly with minimal water and chemicals.
  • Both versions of this machine produce outstanding suction, even in tight spaces. The swivelling squeegee tool effortlessly collects loosened dirt from behind the cylindrical brush leaving the floors dry and ready to use again.
  • With only three elements, the control panel is self explanatory: A toggle main switch to begin operation, a push switch for water supply and another for the vacuum motor.
  • “Quick stop“ is as standard: When the handle lever is released, both the water supply and the cylindrical brush stop automatically.
  • The large opening allows the recovery tank to be emptied completely, cleaned thoroughly without effort and even disinfected according to HACCP specifications.
  • The lid for the solution tank serves as an integrated dosing aid for cleaning products.
  • Both the solution and recovery tanks are easily clicked into place and removed. The large handles are a distinct advantage to allow the tanks to be carried easily.
  • The body of the machine is lowered with a lever placed on the back of handle to be raised again when loaded, transported or stored.
  • For space-saving storage whether in the car or the utility closet, the handle can be folded across the front to lie flat.
  • Both models are equipped with a red standard cylindrical brush. An extended program of brushes and pads is available to suit all kind of applications and hard floors.

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WA 46 ı B 10 i. L. Hybrid Floor Washer Drier

  • Brand: Columbus
  • Product Code: COLUMBUS/WA46B10
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